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Available now for Windows and Mac systems!

Over thirty activities, many with three levels of differentiation, designed for whole class teaching on an interactive whiteboard/projector, as well as standalone PC's.
iR Literacy Pack One is supplied on CD, once installed the CD is no longer required.


Five punctuation tools and activities allow you to:
-correct sentences for capitals and full stops, speech and question/exclamation marks.
-strip punctuation from a text and then print.
-strip punctuation from a text and then correct.

Text Bank

Quickly access and interact with over thirty texts from the Text Bank.

The Cloze Procedure activity comes with 8 preset texts or you can simply paste in your own.
Word Hunt
Find words within words in the Wordhunt activity.
Homonyms, Antonyms, Synonyms and Phonemes are all addressed in simple drag and drop activities.
Prefixes and Suffixes
Turn the wheels and try to find all words.
Genre Changer
Have fun changing the genre of a text in an activity that allows you to add your own words as well as using preset ones.

Sentence Maker
Can you make a sentence from all those jumbled up word tiles?

All the above and more.....

Description Maker
Description Maker
Word Classes
Word Classes
CVC Creator
CVC Creator
Alphabetical Order
Alphabetical Order
Linked Words
Linked Words

Once installed to hard drive, the activities are accessed through a simple menu interface:

Installed Menu

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Literacy Resources: Literacy Pack One

Activities include: prefixes, suffixes, word hunt, anagrams, CVC creator, alphabetical order, homophones, antonyms, linked words, phonemes, connectives, punctuation activities, punctuation stripper, word classes, extensive text bank, cloze activities and a genre changing activity. Literacy Resources Pack One. iRLiteracy Pack One, Literacy resources.